YOU MAY REMEMBER that the upcoming Turnstile Comix #3 is not actually the first time I made comics about Lemuria! The above is a brief story arc from Nothing Nice to Say circa 2007.

There are aspects of NN2S’ history that I’m not 100% proud of, one of which was the small handful of jokes revolving around the main characters developing crushes on women in punk bands. At the time, of course, it seemed like a perfectly natural thing to discuss (it is, after all, a very real phenomenon we all experience, men and women alike), and perhaps it was. But it slowly dawned on me that the dialogue launched by simply going “I have a crush on so-and-so in whatever band” (rather than maybe acknowledging that there’s another actual human being with actual feelings on the receiving end of said crush) always, ALWAYS devolved into an uncomfortable barrage of dudes going “Oh she’s hot, I’d hit that, etc etc etc”. Which, like, maybe that’s not the most respectful way to treat someone who is brave enough to get on a stage and share their art with everyone, right?

If you’d have called me on this at the time, I’d surely have argued that I knew (and know) plenty of women who have crushes on dudes in bands. But of course that’s ultimately a bit of a cop-out and ignores the greater issue of The Patriarchy (tm) and how men and women are not sexualized and/or objectified in the same ways by society at large, and so weighing the experiences of women versus those of men as though they balance equally to begin with is to blatantly ignore a lot of the reality of how the world actually works.

And so, in hindsight, I still think a couple of these comics are pretty funny and I wouldn’t say I’m, like, totally ASHAMED of them necessarily (though there are a few super-old NN2S strips I definitely wish I’d never have written), but they’re definitely not something I’d write now that I’m thirty and am trying not to be such a dick all the time.

Blah blah blah, I know, guys talking about feminism is the worst, I’m sorry. I’ll stop. Just rest assured the above comics are something I (very briefly) make fun of myself for having written somewhere in the middle of Turnstile Comix #3.

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    Well despite all that, NN2S remains a massive influence on my inking style, along with Sam and Fuzzy, 21 Dead Monkeys...
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    reblogging because it’s appalling how many people in the creative world get really reactionary, claim they’re being...
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    Bah, I like them.
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